Once again the trial lawyers’ efforts have paid off. The ones who lose the most from today’s vote are expectant mothers and every other American who will continue to see doctors closing their practices and turning away high-risk patients because of sky-high medical liability premiums.

The lack of medical care in certain areas of the country is indisputable. The skyrocketing cost of medical liability premiums is forcing doctors to relocate out of certain areas or stop practicing altogether, and today’s vote will ensure that trend continues. Many Americans will no longer have access to the doctors they know and trust and will be forced to find other options for their care, or not receive any care at all.

I will continue to work so that doctors are able to do what they do best –provide health care and peace of mind to their patients. I hope members of the Senate who opposed a vote on this bill will reconsider so that in the future we can make sure doctors are available when and where they are needed.