Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) discussed the War in Iraq as well as potential wars with the Middle East during a Senate filibuster to force a vote on an amendment that would end royalty relief for oil companies.
I think (royalty relief for oil companies) does a disservice to the taxpayers of this country and I want to mention what it means in terms of (the) globe. I, like all Senators, see that men and women--see the men and women who honor us every single day by wearing the uniform for our country. They put themselves in harm's way. They risk their physical health, their mental health, their well being and put their families at risk because they honor us every day by wearing the uniform of the United States. It seems to me that the people who wear that uniform and are fighting today on our behalf in Iraq, they deserve an energy policy that is going to make it less likely that their kids and their grandkids are going to be off in the Middle East another time in the next few years with a war with implications for oil.