On January 31st, at the State of the Union, (The President) said we were addicted to oil and he called for more aggressive research into biofuels. Yet the very next day, the very next day, after the State of the Union, the Department of Energy announced it was slashing 28 million dollars from bio-fuels and laid off researchers.

Well, here we go again. On Tuesday, as I said, the President touted ethanol, then he turned right around and said ethanol is in some part to blame for the run-up in gas prices.

Obviously someone gave him misinformaton because he obviously doesn't understand the situation. The truth is ethanol is adding to our supply to help alleviate shortages.

Again, the President says we're addicted to oil. He says ethanol and bio-fuels could be the cure for that addiction. But where's the follow-through, where's the boldness, where's the vision, where's the money?