Last year when gas prices hit record highs after Hurricane Katrina, House Republicans called the CEOs of the oil and gas companies to a closed-door meeting for an explanation. Apparently House Republicans thought that would be enough to get oil execs to stop price gouging. One of the CEOs Republicans met with was Exxon-Mobile's chief executive Lee Raymond who just walked away with a $400 million retirement package. House Republicans voiced dismay as to why these CEOs didn't get the message last fall.

Who is the House Republican leadership trying to fool? Why would oil and gas executives worry about Republicans taking action against them?

After all, House Republicans have refused repeated Democratic efforts to allow a vote on tough legislation that would empower the federal government to end price gouging.

House Republicans also supported an energy bill last year that did little more than provide $20 billion in gifts to the oil and gas companies.

House Republicans have had a cozy relationship with these guys for too long to be taken seriously. It's no wonder oil and gas CEOs didn't get the message.