In Louisiana Senate race, John Kennedy is the only candidate conservatives can trust

Americans across the country and especially in my home state of Louisiana are still celebrating the results of an historic Election Day. Republicans maintained our majorities in the Senate and the House, and we will finally have an ally in the White House in Donald Trump who will help us get this country back on the right track.

But at home, conservatives still have one more race to win:  We have to elect Republican state Treasurer John Kennedy to the United States Senate. The differences between John and his liberal opponent, Foster Campbell, couldn’t be clearer, and only John can be counted on to be a consistent conservative voice for the people of Louisiana.


I’ve spent my time in the Senate working to protect our coastline, expand Louisiana energy production, defend the rights of gun owners, support the pro-life movement, and create a health care system that works for patients. I know John Kennedy will be a partner in advancing causes like these that mean the most to Louisiana families.

Perhaps the most pressing issue next year is filling the existing Supreme Court vacancy and potentially filling many more open seats. Those appointed to the bench under President TrumpDonald John TrumpFormer Joint Chiefs chairman: 'The last thing in the world we need right now is a war with Iran' Pence: 'We're not convinced' downing of drone was 'authorized at the highest levels' Trump: Bolton would take on the whole world at one time MORE will shape the judiciary for decades, and the Senate needs conservatives like John Kennedy who will confirm only justices who will strictly abide by the Constitution, preserve our Second Amendment rights and defend the lives of the unborn.

American families across the country are seeing their health insurance premiums skyrocket due to Obamacare. The so-called “Affordable Care Act” is anything but affordable. John Kennedy is the only person in this race who can be counted on to repeal and replace Obamacare with a patient-centered system that empowers families and doctors with their health care decisions. As often is John Kennedy has vowed to repeal this disastrous policy, Campbell has promised to defend and expand Obamacare so that you keep paying more for bureaucrats to give you less.

Unfortunately, liberal policies and regulations handed down from the Obama administration have cost thousands of jobs for workers in Louisiana’s energy sector. John Kennedy and I want to work together with President Trump to advance pro-energy policies that will put people back to work, generate more money in offshore revenue sharing to preserve our coast, and lead our nation to energy independence. John Kennedy understands that burdensome regulations and higher taxes won’t put our people back to work, unlike Campbell who has been calling for higher taxes on this industry for 30 years. Louisianians don’t need higher taxes and fewer jobs; they need to go back to work so they can provide for their families.

On Election Day, American voters rejected the failed policies of the Obama administration. Now the progressives on the West Coast are rallying behind Campbell, their kindred spirit, to be a voice for them in Washington, and he has embraced his opportunity to be their last hope to salvage a win in this election cycle.

Louisiana voters have rejected liberal Democrats before, and I believe they’ll do it again this year. They recognize that the Democratic Party of the past has faded away, so Campbell would have to decide whether he’ll cling to the ways of the Obama-Clinton Democrats or join the Bernie SandersBernie Sanders Hickenlooper, Bennet bring deep ties to 2020 debate stage Sanders: Trump taking credit for easing tensions he helped create 2020 Democrats vow to expand abortion access at Planned Parenthood event MORE socialist movement. Neither of those causes speaks for the people of Louisiana and the values they hold dear.

Conservatives have so much to celebrate this year. They are rightfully optimistic about the future for the first time in years, and they should be. January marks the dawning of a new era in Washington and conservative change is on the way, but there is one more race to win.

I’m confident that Louisiana will vote on Dec. 10 to send John Kennedy to the Senate. He’s the conservative candidate our state needs.

Sen. Bill Cassidy, M.D., is the junior Senator from Louisiana.

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