Want to prevent Democrat destruction? Save our Senate

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Imagine a world in which the Democratic Party strategically manipulates and molds dark blue strongholds to achieve a majority in the Senate. After blatantly ignoring the Framers of our Constitution, they grant statehood to the District of Columbia. What’s next, North and South California?

In this hard to imagine, but actually being threatened scenario, Democrats would attempt to gain four leftist seats in a Senate Chamber of 104.

Packing the Supreme Court? That’s the plan.

Senate minority protections and the filibuster? As good as gone.

Green New Deal? Passed as a payoff to the radical left. (And the tax increases that come with its $93 trillion job-killing price tag.)

It sounds inconceivable, but right now Democrats in Washington are struggling to win, so they’re threatening to change the rules — and are holding the power of your voice hostage.

Since President Trump and Senate Republicans are following their constitutional duty to confirm Amy Coney Barrett as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s successor, Democrats are demanding revenge. Calls to pack the court, eliminate the filibuster, and expand the U.S. Senate grow louder by the day.

One must wonder, are these proposals constitutional?

Interestingly, nothing in the Constitution bars Democrats from severely transforming the current system. But using power-grabbing tactics to clench total dominance would surely have our Founding Fathers rolling in their graves.

For six decades, we have maintained at the centennial mark. Why not keep it 100?

This is far from a revolutionary idea. We capped the House of Representatives at 435 seats after signing the Reapportionment Act of 1929. Based on this precedent in the other chamber, we should cap the number of seats in the Senate.

By picking and choosing territories based on their political leanings, Democrats hope to surpass 100 members in order to secure full control of the Senate for years to come. While their calculated motives are often cloaked with honorable intentions, this ploy strays far from the spirit of equal representation.

102…104…106…Who knows how far their thirst for power stretches. We cannot let them destroy our history — and the institution itself — while attempting to quench it.

Clearly, the root of their desires is about politics, not people. In their view, senators are merely empty vessels needed to fulfill a liberal wish list agenda. It’s all about the numbers required to dismantle the filibuster, pass reckless legislation, and pack as many political activists to the Supreme Court as possible.

It’s simple. The more seats they add to the Senate, the less your voice matters, and the stronger the desires of liberal and socialist groups become.

Despite Democrats’ bizarre utopia, the ultimate duty of every member of Congress is to serve. Fighting for the needs and values of constituents has been at the heart of this institution since our founding. There is no sense in soiling it now because Democrats didn’t get their way.

A commonsense solution is needed to prevent this disastrous expansion. Amending the Constitution to ensure the Senate is composed of 100 senators from our current 50 states would reinforce the trust and democratic values needed to focus on putting the American people first.

It’s no secret Washington elites like to play chess when it comes to shaping the political future of our nation. But Americans deserve to be treated as people, not pawns. We must remove this piece from the board before Democrats declare checkmate.

Let’s not risk destruction at the hands of Democrats. Instead, let’s save our Senate.

Mark Walker represents North Carolina’s 6th District and is vice chair of the House Republican Conference.

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