Biden's policies have been disastrous to the US security, the economy
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Mea Culpa! My bad. For months I’ve been saying that President BidenJoe BidenManchin to vote to nix Biden's vaccine mandate for larger businesses Congress averts shutdown after vaccine mandate fight Senate cuts deal to clear government funding bill MORE and Vice President Harris are not serious people. At the same time, I’ve been reminding everyone that these two are systematically destroying the country.

My insistence that America’s chief executive officers lacked weight might have lulled people into thinking that they couldn’t destroy, or even harm, this great nation. Biden and Harris are not serious leaders. Their meandering policies, however, are deadly serious. They have sabotaged America’s international policy with the Biden regime’s inglorious surrender to all of the malevolent strongmen in the world. 

President Biden is without gravitas and lacks serious ideas and experience. He repeatedly puts America into a serious deficit on the international stage. Our allies do not trust us. Our enemies are emboldened. Hot spots around the world that had relative stability under the strong "America first" leadership of President TrumpDonald TrumpBaldwin calls Trump criticism following 'Rust' shooting 'surreal' Haley hits the stump in South Carolina Mary Trump files to dismiss Trump's lawsuit over NYT tax story MORE now teeter on the edge of conflagration. 


This is easily observed in the increasingly aggressive movement of China  against Taiwan. Iran has reignited its nuclear weapons program. North Korea is shooting missiles over the Japanese homeland. And all of the dangerous leaders of the world have increased their bellicosity.

Similarly, Biden-Harris, the dynamic duo of disaster, have created and ignored the border catastrophe. They join leftists in Congress like Rep. Sheila Jackson LeeSheila Jackson LeeNew Texas law limiting abortion takes effect Thursday Detroit voters back committee to study reparations Biden's policies have been disastrous to the US security, the economy MORE (D-Texas), who claim “The border is both sovereign and secure.”

Harris went to triple-fenced El Paso, Texas, to put in an appearance as Biden’s “border czar." She went to Central America to determine the "root cause" of mass migration.

Turns out she thinks it’s climate change.

Any sentient person could have told Harris that it would be cheaper and more efficient for her to look into a mirror, for that is where she could find one of the root causes of our border insecurity. She and the ever-missing-in-action President Biden own the border crisis.

The root causes of illegal immigration are lack of American leadership today and the evisceration of Trump’s policies that had brought the border under control. Again, as with international policy, the Biden team’s lack of serious solutions on the border has produced the most dangerous situation for the nation since 9/11.

Their lack of wisdom and skill are killing our energy independence policy, which has pushed gas prices up and fueled inflation. And the same dangerous leaders that killed our domestic Keystone Pipeline project approved a Russian gas pipeline. The result? A return to energy dependence and the embarrassment of seeing Biden go hat-in-hand to beg OPEC to increase its gas production with the hope that it would lower U.S. oil prices. 

Unserious people are passing off the results of a seriously mistaken policy on the American people.

There are so many messes that have happened because our leaders lack the ability to see the secondary and tertiary effects of their misanthropic policies. 

Another to consider is Biden morphing into that another president who lacked a serious understanding of the Constitution, economics and the international system: Jimmy CarterJimmy CarterOhio Senate candidate unveils ad comparing Biden to Carter The massive messaging miscues of all the president's men (and women) The Philippines is a frontline of another cold war MORE. Carter wore a "Mr. Rogers” sweater and told us we were in store for a colder winter with insufficient heating oil. He gave us a “Misery Index.”


Biden, sans the sweater, tells us we are in for fewer Christmas and Hanukkah gifts because of supply chain issues. Couple that with the announcement that heating oil prices will go up this winter and we have a new Biden Misery Index.

Biden’s not incompetent, he is dangerously deliberative. His policies and the results they produce, which are Biden’s desired outputs, are a fatal menace to freedom. 

Members of Congress are invited to join those of us who recognize that Joe Biden’s acts are impeachable. He must be removed before his efforts debilitate the nation irreparably.

Biggs represents Arizona's 5th District.