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Donald Trump doesn’t care

Greg Nash

Donald Trump doesn’t care.

He’ll be a boor to Megyn Kelly, declare tough questions out of line, and proudly admit his policy proposals are bare or non-existent.

He’s gone bankrupt at least four times, admitting recently that he did so to deny creditors and investors their due — an abusive use of government for his own gain.

{mosads}He changed positions on defunding Planned Parenthood twice in less than as many days; he radically changed positions on immigration between 2012 and 2015; and in 1999 said he was “very pro-choice.” He’s been married three times, yet says you should take his opposition to gay “marriage” seriously, even though he thinks it’s time to move on from that debate.

His opinions on taxes have run the gamut from a flat tax to higher taxes on the rich, and he has backed single-payer healthcare. He’s abused eminent domain to help his bottom line, and admits to bribing politicians like Hillary Clinton. He’s self-aggrandizing enough to make politicians look like humble servants of the public, and he’s a classless act to boot.

Yet he would beat Clinton and the rest of the Democratic field, according to a new SurveyUSA poll. He garners one-quarter of black votes and 31 percent of Hispanic voters in a head-to-head against Clinton, the Democratic Party frontrunner.

The Beltway, experienced pundits, and the political system in general are blowing a gasket. Desperate, some conservative commentators seem to have decided that that insulting Trump’s supporters is a good way to blunt the man’s popularity.

Some of Trump’s critics have articulately outlined why Trump shouldn’t be anywhere near the lead, as Jonah Goldberg did on Monday. Goldberg and others are right to note that if Trump was any other candidate, his poll numbers would be down around his toes.

But he’s not, and the numbers are not. Clearly, Joe and Jane Six-pack are eating up what Trump is serving. I suspect it’s because it’s about time someone threw our collapsing political system to the wolves instead of trying to weasel their way into it. 


1. What about Trump’s ego and opportunism is any different from the generations of politicians who have lied to the American people about everything from abortion to foreign policy to the federal budget and entitlements — all so they can be re-elected?

Related, when politicians are not lying, they incompetently handle wars, the economy, health care, and all the rest. So why shouldn’t the American people back someone who didn’t create the problem?

2. Trump is attacking the right people. The American people know that most of the time, a politician will compromise anything and everything in order to look good to the media, to be palatable to slivers of the voting public in order to get votes, etc.

Trump isn’t doing that. Sure, there’s a 50 percent chance he’ll do the wrong thing in a spectacular way. But that means there’s a 50 percent chance that immigration policy will actually improve, or that one of our many federal bureaucracies will be (figuratively) blown up come 2017.

When it comes to Trump, I’m not sure my opinion or anyone else’s inside the Beltway or the media means anything. Frankly, I don’t trust the man as far as either of my grandmothers could throw him.

But it is disturbingly fascinating to watch a political system that has been self-destructing (and bringing the nation down along with it) for decades lose complete control of the process, and choose to blame anyone but itself.

I still think Trump won’t be there at the finish, and nor should he be. Then again, I’m in the Beltway, and in Real America he’s winning minorities, Independents, and conservatives — just like all the smart people want to do.

Siggins is the public relations officer and DC Correspondent for LifeSiteNews. He is also a media consultant. 

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