With the selection of Paul RyanPaul Davis RyanGOP super PAC drops .5 million on Nevada ad campaign Blue wave poses governing risks for Dems Dems seek to rebuild blue wall in Rust Belt contests MORE as his running mate, Medicare has been at the forefront of this election. The Romney-Ryan Medicare would place Florida’s seniors in the private insurance market, and increase health care cost for Florida’s seniors by $6,400. Under a Romney Administration seniors will have to decide whether to purchase medicine or groceries. We as a nation cannot afford a Romney presidency, where tax cuts for the rich will be paid for by the middle class. We as a nation cannot afford a Romney presidency where former Bush Administration neo-cons will play a prominent role, and have demonstrated an un-quenching thirst to take us to war with Iran. We as a nation cannot afford a Romney presidency where working class people are viewed as pariahs and wealthy people are automatically deemed virtuous.

Throughout his first term President Obama has been a voice for the voiceless, and that’s because President Obama cares. President Obama cares about young people, which is why he preserved student loan rates. Obama cares about seniors, which is why he enacted healthcare reform. President Obama cares about the middle class which is why he passed a stimulus that cut taxes for 95% of Americans. President Obama cares about all Americans and has demonstrated a compassion for the needs of everyday Americans, unlike Mr. Romney who only seems to care about the needs of his big money donors.  That is what this election is about. President Obama is the individual who is going to fight for those who do not have a Swiss bank account, or money hidden in the Cayman Islands, or a team of accountants that help you avoid paying taxes.  

Like many other states Florida will conduct early voting. The state of Florida under Republican leadership has embarked on an effort to suppress the vote with a new voter ID law. Yet in a twist of irony it is the Republican party of Florida dealing with voter registration fraud. It will be important to see what impact these voter suppression laws have on voter turnout during the early voting period. Democrats in 2008 were more likely to vote during the early voting period than Republicans. Likewise the use of absentee ballots assisted Governor Romney in winning the Florida presidential primary. I would encourage Florida Democrats to take advantage of the absentee ballot voting process like their Republican counterparts did during the Republican presidential primary. 

In conclusion, I would note that never in the history of our country has a top down/trickle down economic policy provided stability to the American people. Mr. Romney must believe that Americans are dumb. Mr. Romney honestly thinks that taking care of his biggest campaign donors and his country club friends will grow the middle class? Sorry Mr. Romney but Floridians and their fellow Americans drank that Kool-Aid for eight years under the previous administration and almost choked. 

I think the people of Florida will put their faith in President Obama, a man who believes in all Americans; one who believes that if you work hard, and act responsibly you too should have a chance to succeed, especially those who constitute the 47%.   

Wilson is a first term Democrat from Florida. She serves on the House Space and Technology Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee.