Let’s look at the issue of preserving marriage as the union of one man and one woman. This issue has been on the ballot in 32 states – coast to coast, in red states and blue. It has won in all 32 states. Some of these are the very swing states that will decide the election this November. Florida passed their marriage amendment by 62 percent of the vote. North Carolina passed it with 61 percent support just this past May. Virginia passed theirs by 57 percent. And the critical state of Ohio? They passed their amendment by 62 percent of the vote. Iowa hasn’t had a chance to vote on a marriage amendment yet, but with about 55 percent of the vote they did throw three sitting Supreme Court justices off the court last election for redefining marriage there. Recent polls suggest they’re about to boot another one of the gay marriage justices.
The Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaPoll: More Republican voters think party is more united than Democratic voters Can you kill a virus with a gun? Biden's pick for vice president doesn't matter much MORE record on marriage stands in stark contrast to the votes of millions of Americans. Obama wants to legalize gay marriage. His administration is actively trying to repeal through the courts the federal law, enacted with bi-partisan support and signed into law by President Clinton, that defines marriage as a man and a woman. And the Democratic Party has officially gone on record as wanting to repeal all the state marriage amendments that voters have passed. Why not tell people about this record? Doing so would surely fire up the pro-family, conservative base, and appeal to a lot of independents and religious and ethnic voters as well. A recent Zogby Poll found that 18 percent of African Americans in the critical state of North Carolina were undecided on who to support for the presidency. There’s no reason to wonder why – it’s because Obama has endorsed gay marriage right after their state overwhelmingly stood up to support traditional marriage.
His record on life isn’t much better. He’s worked overtime to make sure that Planned Parenthood is flush with taxpayer cash. And as a state Senator, Obama actually opposed providing comfort care to babies born alive in a failed abortion attempt. He is the most extreme pro-abortion president in American history.
Despite what the Karl Roves of the consulting world think, social issues like marriage and life are winning issues. Mitt Romney would do well to start talking about them. It could mean the difference between winning and losing.

Frank Schubert is the president of Mission Public Affairs, LLC. He presently is managing marriage campaigns in Maine, Minnesota, Maryland and Washington state.