The incremental Islamization of America

In addition, there are at least 100 mosques in New York City, and project head, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, must be aware of the public antipathy regarding his decision to build at Ground Zero. Perhaps showing his true intentions, he turned down NY Governor David Patterson’s offer of state land in return for relocating the mosque away from the site.

So what’s the real issue?

The Islamization of America. The demand for a mosque at Ground Zero is just one of many tests to see how far America will go to accommodate Muslims. As revealed during the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2008, Muslims have a “100-year plan” to gradually destroy us from within.

Moreover, this plan will be implemented incrementally, so Americans will be largely unaware of what’s occurring until it is too late.

Such implementation has already begun. Airports in Kansas City, Phoenix, and Indianapolis have already installed foot baths for Muslims. Huge mosques and Islamist schools (madrassas) have been built all over the country.

Their goal?  To bring Sharia Law–a seventh-century political and legal system that discriminates against non-Muslims, homosexuals and women–to America.

Think it can’t happen here? Think again. In 2008, England declared that Sharia law can be enforced in Muslim communities. In Canada and Europe, Sharia family tribunals are already functioning on a limited scale. And in Germany, a judge ruled that a Muslim man who had killed his wife could go free–since the Koran permits such acts.

The proposed $100 million mosque near the site of the World Trade Center is another pillar of the larger strategy.  It is critical that Americans understand what the building of this mosque represents to over a billion Muslims around the world.

Since the beginning of Islam, once Muslims conquered another culture, it was their custom to build a huge mosque as a symbol of that victory. When they conquered Cordoba (modern Spain), they built the Grand Cordoba Mosque where a Christian church once stood. It was there that they established their Caliphate, the center of Muslim rule in the Mediterranean region. The original name of the proposed Ground Zero mosque?

The Cordoba House.

Throughout history, Muslims have also destroyed the holy places of those they conquered as a way to erase prior history and culture. In Afghanistan, 1500-year-old Buddhist statues were destroyed. In Damascus, the Ummayad mosque was built on the site of the church of Saint John. In India, the Babri Mosque was built by demolishing a Hindu temple at the site of Lord Rama’s birthplace.

Even today, churches in Egypt and Yugoslavia are being turned into mosques. And in Jerusalem, the Al Aqsa mosque was deliberately built near the Temple Mount, one of holiest places in Judaism.

It is likely that the funding of the mosque will come from Saudi charities and Middle Eastern princes who regularly fund Wahabbi madrassas and mosques around the world.

Wahabbism is the most extremist form of Islam. Thus, this mosque will become a monument to the radical ideology behind the 9/11 atrocity.

It is no accident that Ground Zero is their target once again.

Richard Bernstein is the author of DUPED AMERICA: How Democrats and the Mainstream Media Have Duped the American People and Are Harming Our Country (Forrester, 2010).


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