Glenn Reynolds, blogger at Instapundit, said:

When you market yourself as the messiah, people are disappointed at a lack of miracles.

Craig Newmark, founder of, said:

It sure looks like this is a manufactured attempt to blame the current administration.

It might be more productive, and just plain fair, to widen the investigation regarding certain agency practices under the former administration. I understand they're fixed now.

Dick Morris, Pundits Blog contributor, said:

As president, Obama has to take responsibility for cleaning up this spill. An explosion of an oil rig in the Gulf is hardly an unforeseeable event. It is a bit like a leak at a nuclear power plant. If you are not prepared to handle the emergency, you should not authorize the drilling in the first place.  Obama used the issue to make populist hay – attacking Republicans for favoring drilling and BP as a big bad oil company. But he was very slow to actually move to stop the leak and clean up the spill and still has not taken charge as a president should. He's acting like a senator – criticizing but not taking charge.

Peter Navarro, professor of economics and public policy at U.C. Irvine, said:

Totally fair. The administration has totally bungled the disaster. In its own way, this spill will do more long-term damage to the region and energy policy than Katrina could ever imagine.

Damon N. Spiegel, entrepreneur and writer, said:

Yes the criticism is fair and I follow that question with “What criticism?”  The oil spill in the gulf might end up being one of the worst if not the worst environmental disaster this country has even seen.  Katrina pales in comparison and the media put on a witch hunt over the former administration.  The administration never took the time to truly understand the magnitude of the problem and how to deal with it.  This is why BP has not taken any advice that the Federal government has offered as it relates to this response.  Today President Obama reiterated the rhetoric of this being BPs responsibilities which has some merit but over a dozen countries have offered assistance, local fisherman have offered assistance, local communities and the Governor himself.    Should all of these efforts been directed to BP?  I’m sure if BP had the power to accept foreign assistance in US water they certainly would have welcomed it.  Obama stood by the sidelines while he hired some academic professors to put together an essay on Oil Spill Suggestions.  Too late, too little.  It is a tragedy that we may all suffer for years to come.