Tuesday: House tries again on transportation extension

As of late Monday night, Republicans were planning another suspension vote, but only indicated that they would take up “legislation related to H.R. 4239.” That implies, at a minimum, some tweaks to the bill that was pulled back on Monday. A spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) indicated that the two parties were talking about how to move forward.

Also up Monday is H.R. 3309, the Federal Communications Commission Process Reform Act, which would slow the FCC’s regulatory process. Members will start with a rule for the bill, and after general debate will consider up to 10 amendments.

{mosads}Finally, the House is expected to approve the Senate-amended H.R. 3606, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act. This should be a non-controversial vote.

The Senate meets at 10 a.m., and soon after will continue debate on the Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act, S. 2204.

The bill faces almost near-certain defeat in the Senate. But on Monday, Senate Republicans supported a Democratic effort to take up the bill, since they believe they can win a public debate over whether to raise taxes on oil companies. (Technically, the Senate voted 92-4 to limit debate on a motion to proceed to the bill.)

The Senate at some point will have to vote on the actual motion to proceed to the bill. When that happens, the Senate will test another bill, this time the 21st Century Postal Service Act, S. 1789 (another vote to limit debate on a motion to proceed).

If the House can pass the highway bill, plans might also be discussed in the Senate about accepting, rejecting or changing that bill.

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