House Republicans this week released their New Year's resolution ... not quite "eat less and exercise," but rather "spend less and publicize."

The proposed House Republican rule (which will be voted on Jan. 5) essentially lays out rules of procedure for the new Congress, and includes many ideas related to holding the line on spending and transparency. For example, the rules hold that:

• All legislation must include a reference to specific language in the Constitution that authorizes the legislative proposal;

• Legislation cannot be considered unless it has been available for public viewing for three days;

• Members cannot consider legislation that has the net effect of spending more money over the span of one, five and 10 years — the "cut-as-you-go" provision, which replaces the "pay-as-you-go" concept

    The proposal makes it harder in other ways to spend money, but includes language allowing for exemptions for "designated emergencies and the continuation of contingency operations related to the Global War on Terror."

    Find a section-by-section analysis here, and the full text of H.Res. 5 here.