A spokesperson for Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) told The Hill on Wednesday afternoon that the congressman plans to introduce legislation that will allow members of Congress to carry weapons in the District of Columbia.

[This story originally reported that Gohmert's legislation would allow lawmakers to bring weapons to the floor. Gohmert later clarified this was not his intent. See update below.]

“There is a rash of legislation further infringing on Second Amendment rights that has been unwisely proffered in the wake of events in Tucson,” Gohmert told The Hill in a statement regarding the proposed legislation. “If members of Congress wish to carry a weapon in the federal District of Columbia, it should be permissible. Accordingly, we are in the process of drafting a bill that will allow members of Congress to do that.”

Gohmert said he does not plan to carry weapon himself, but that he believe members of Congress ought have the right to protect themselves from “sudden acts of violence like the heartless shooting in Tucson, Arizona.”

A spokesman for Gohmert told The Hill that the bill would only deal with the District of Columbia and would not affect any state laws.

Update: This story was initially posted at 5:17 on Jan. 12. Gohmert's office issued a statement to The Hill on Jan. 14 clarifying that his planned legislation will not allow members to carry guns onto the House floor.