House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) on Tuesday speculated that President Obama would focus on jobs, fiscal issues and the need for more unity during his Jan. 25 State of the Union speech.

Hoyer's predictions:

On jobs: “I think the president, hopefully, will be speaking about growing the economy and growing jobs so ... we can continue ... to grow the economy.”

On fiscal balance and stability: “Clearly he will talk about the issues of working together to try to solve the problems that are confronting our country and achieving fiscal balance and fiscal stability."

On more jobs and more exports: "I would hope he would talk more explicitly about how we are going to create jobs and the Make it in America agenda, which we think is important and is consistent with the president’s desire to double exports. The only way you double exports is to have things to sell that people want to buy."

On unity: "Clearly, I think he will again talk about bringing us together and having a debate which is positive and looking toward solutions and looking forward.”