The House on Tuesday night approved a resolution that assigns Republican members to 10 committees. H.Res. 37 appoints dozens of members to the committees on Budget; Education and the Workforce; Foreign Affairs; Homeland Security; Judiciary; Natural Resources; Oversight and Government Reform; Science, Space and Technology; Small Business; and Veterans' Affairs.

H.Res. 37 was introduced Tuesday, the same day it was approved by voice vote. While House Republicans have said they would make all bills public for three days before passing them on the House floor, this practice does not apply to resolutions, and resolutions assigning members to committees in particular are not controversial. The House has passed a handful of resolutions on short notice assigning members of both parties to various committees.

On Wednesday morning, the House approved H.Res. 39, which names several Democrats to House Committees on Agriculture, Armed Services, Education and the Workforce, Financial Services, Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security, Judiciary, Natural Resources, Oversight & Government Reform, Science, Space, and Technology, Small Business, Transportation & Infrastructure, and Veterans' Affairs.

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