As the House slogged through a five-hour marathon of debate on health care reform on Wednesday afternoon, outspoken Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) offered viewers at a home a guide to the festivities and warned revelers they should enjoy responsibly.

"You know, I want to advise people watching at home who are playing that now popular drinking game 'you take a shot whenever the Republicans say something that not true,'" said Weiner. "Please assign a designated driver. This is going to be a long afternoon."

Weiner, who said he was providing viewers a guide to Republican arguments in the debate, said Republicans had lied about the healthcare bill by saying it would create 130,0000 new agencies, add IRS agents, add death panels, and exclude tort reform. 

Weiner also said Republicans had employed the "boogeyman strategy" when they pulled "canards out of the sky."