Specifically, Ways & Means will look at two bills. The first is H.R. 4, which would repeal the language.

The second is an un-numbered bill that also repeals separate 1099 language passed last year as part of the Small Business Lending Act. That language would set up 1099 reporting requirements for families that own rental properties. The inclusion of this piece also complicates passage, as this language is not found in the Senate bill.

The House bills intend to pay for these repeals by recapturing overpayments from those who received more in premium assistance than they were entitled to. Congress approved a similar change to recapture overpayments last year in the context of the "doc fix" legislation, and the Obama administration were supportive of this pay-for.

However, this is a different way to pay for the change than what the Senate has proposed, which is another factor that could make passage more difficult.