Bachmann cited news stories that quoted Planned Parenthood representatives as saying they want to grow, and are marketing themselves to attract upscale clients. She said this shows the organization wants to operate as a business, and that U.S. taxpayers should let it and stop funding it with public money.

"What we're seeing today, Madam Speaker, is that Planned Parenthood is focused on political activity, and they're focused on becoming big business," she said. "When you have the executive director of Planned Parenthood in Illinois saying they want to become the LensCrafters of big abortion, I think we should listen to them. If they want to become the LensCrafters, then let them become the LensCrafters. But the taxpayer shouldn't have to support it."

She said the group should lose its $300 million in federal grants, and have their tax-exempt status "studied" by the IRS.

"If they are competing with for-profit businesses and putting them out of business, then Planned Parenthood has no business holding a non-profit status that benefits that organization," she said.