Republicans floated an amendment Friday night to defund a plumbing revamp project the White House had requested from Congress.

“I would say the American people are making some pretty tough choices right now,” said Randy Neugebaur (R-Texas). “But if other American families are not making improvement to their houses I don’t think the president would want improvements to his either.”

But Democrat’s swiftly leapt to the president’s defense.

“This is not about the why,” said Rep Jose Serrano (D-N.Y.). “This is about who is in the White House.”

“I think it’s pretty petty when we don’t allow this president to allow leaks fixed in the White House,” added Serrano.

The plumbing in the White House has not been revamped, apparently, since the Truman administration.

The House continues to work its way through amendments to the 2011 budget proposal.