House Armed Services

March 1, on the 2012 budget request for the Navy

House Education and the Workforce

March 1, on education regulations

House Energy & Commerce

March 1, on "The Consequences of Obamacare: Impact on Medicaid and State Health Care Reform"

House Financial Services

March 1, on oversight of the Department of Housing and Urban Development

March 1, to examine the Obama administration's report to Congress on mortgage finance reform

March 2, on monetary policy and the state of the economy (Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke testifies)

House Foreign Affairs

March 1, to assess U.S. foreign policy priorities

House Homeland Security

March 3, on the FY 2012 budget request for the Department of Homeland Security

House Administration

March 1-2, on funding for the 112th Congress

House Natural Resources

March 1, on the impact of the administration's wild lands order on jobs and economic growth

March 3, oversight hearing on Department of the Interior spending and the 2012 budget proposal

House Oversight & Government Reform

March 3, on "How U.S. Taxpayers are Paying Double for Failing Government"

House Science, Space, and Technology

March 2, on the FY 2012 NASA budget

March 3, on the FY 2012 Department of Energy budget

House Small Business

March 2, on the Small Business Administration FY 2012 budget

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

March 2, on ongoing intelligence activities (closed)