Democrats also supported a $50 million cut in funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which is included in the bill. Another $230 million or so comprises smaller cuts that the Obama administration has supported.

The budget makes another $2.1 billion in rescissions of funds that have not been used, and it is not clear whether Democrats will support all of these. The largest, however, is a $1.74 billion rescission for the census. "The census is complete and these balances are no longer needed," the GOP summary says.

After that, the budget proposes roughly $2.5 billion in earmark terminations, which Democrats can be expected to oppose. The budget cuts $1.1 billion to financial services/general government programs, the largest of which is an $894 million cut to a federal construction fund.

Another $724 million in cuts would be made to the departments of Commerce, Justice and State, and $278 million would be cut from the Interior Department budget.

The GOP budget cuts $358 million in funding for agriculture programs, including $133 million in cuts to the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, and a $115 million cut to the Agriculture Research Service.