The House on Monday night approved H.R. 793, which would name a California post office after Specialist Jake Robert Velloza, who was killed in Iraq in 2009. The bill was approved unanimously, 394-0.

The House also approved H.Con.Res. 27, which allows the House to accept a statue of President Gerald Ford and display it in the Capitol. This resolution was also approved unanimously, in a 396-0 vote. One member, Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.), voted "present" in this vote.

These votes were the only legislative business in the House on Monday, and the House will return Tuesday to take up a three-week spending bill that would cut another $6 billion from FY 2011 spending.

Just before the Monday evening votes, the House held a brief moment of silence for victims of the earthquake and resulting tsunami that hit Japan.