Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) on Thursday offered a tongue-in-cheek congratulations to Republicans for their plans to vote on a bill that attempts to "deem" that the House-passed budget would become law if the Senate fails to pass a spending bill by next week.

"I was totally outraged — outraged! — when I saw this," DeFazio said on the House floor, noting the apparent unconstitutionality of the measure. "But then I realized, guess what? What's tomorrow? April Fools' Day.

"Hey guys, you got me," he said to laughter on the floor. "Congratulations! Happy April Fools' Day. What are we really going to be doing tomorrow?"

The GOP bill, H.R. 1255, is seen as a symbolic bill aimed at prodding Senate Democrats to pass an FY 2011 spending bill by next week. House Republicans have said failure to approve anything in the Senate puts the House in a position of negotiating by itself on a final budget deal.