The House returns at 9 a.m. Friday to take up H.R. 1255, the Government Shutdown Prevention Act. This bill would attempt to pass into law H.R. 1, the GOP spending bill for FY 2011, should the Senate not approve any FY 2011 spending bill by next Wednesday. It would also prevent members of Congress — and the president — from being paid during a shutdown.

But the bill is largely seen as a symbolic attempt by Republicans to absolve themselves from blame should a shutdown occur. House passage of the bill does not turn H.R. 1 into law, as the Senate has not acted on the bill, and is not expected to.

While Democrats were hoping to amend the bill, H.R. 1255 will be taken up under a closed rule, with no amendments. Look for some tense debate over both the rule to the bill, and the bill itself, later today.

The House will also consider five remaining amendments to the four-year Federal Aviation Administration authorization bill. See these two Thursday posts (this one and this one) for details on amendments accepted and rejected so far.