One day after House Republicans will likely reject a bill to raise the debt ceiling in line with the Obama administration's FY 2012 budget request, they will meet with President Obama in a wide-ranging discussion that will likely touch on fiscal issues and several others.

House Republican leaders along with the rank-and-file GOP members will meet with Obama at the White House Wednesday. One GOP staffer described the planned meeting as a Q&A session that will touch on a "wide range of issues."

The likelihood of a talk about how to approach the debt ceiling seems likely, as the House on Tuesday plans to reject a $2.4 trillion increase, which is what Obama would need to implement his budget plan. Democrats are charging that Republicans are not constructively debating how to approach the debt ceiling, in particular by holding the debt ceiling vote under a suspension of House rules, which requires a two-thirds majority to pass.

House Democrats are expected to meet with Obama Thursday.