Ros-Lehtinen said four-fifths of the public favor parental notification laws, and 36 states already have some notification requirement in place. She said her bill would close existing loopholes that some use to escape these rules.

"Minors cannot get a tattoo, rent a car or take medicine in school without their parents' consent," she said. "Yet a minor is able to legally cross state lines in order to take the life of her unborn child without her parents' knowledge."

She added that her bill, the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act, "reflects the inviolable right of parents to guide their children's upbringing."

Ros-Lehtinen noted that her bill has previously been approved by both the House and the Senate, but has never been sent to the White House to be signed into law. A text of her bill from last year is here; this year's bill already has 82 co-sponsors.