"There may not be direction, but they certainly expect that their government should be there for them," Rangel said on the House floor. "Their government is gridlocked. Our spiritual leaders could encourage them not just to pray but to become active — find out who the members are that represent them in the Congress. Ask them to be voting on these bills that can create economic growth that can create jobs."

Rangel came out in support of the protesters last week. He issued a statement commending their efforts and showed up at Liberty Plaza in New York to lend his support Saturday.


Just as the protesters have the right to voice their concern, Rangel said the Congress has a responsibility to ensure that the vulnerable in society get their fair share. He continued by calling on religious leaders to help with bipartisanship in Congress and urged his fellow members to look beyond the election season.

"We have a responsibility that goes beyond the election," Rangel said. "We have a responsibility to the American people."

Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) also acknowledged the protesters Wednesday, calling on them to rally against the Afghanistan war.