Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) said Thursday that President Obama doesn't understand how the three branches of government work under the Constitution, and said he hopes the House will soon file a legal challenge against some of Obama's Executive Branch decisions.

When asked by Ransom Notes Radio whether people will finally get tired of Obama's use of executive authority, Brady said: "I certainly hope so because enough's enough. He just doesn't understand the branches of government or the Constitution."


Brady said Congress in theory has the power to stop Obama, but Senate Democrats are making that impossible. Courts, he said, can take too long.

But Brady said he hopes the House of Representatives passes a resolution from Rep. Tom Rice (R-S.C.) that would instruct the House to file a legal challenge against four of Obama's decisions that have rankled Republicans. "We're hopeful we can take that path," he said.

Rice's proposal is the Stop This Overreaching Presidency (STOP) resolution, which calls for a civil suit challenge Obama's decision to allow insurance plans to continue that would have been canceled by ObamaCare, delay the employer mandate, defer the deportation of younger illegal residents, and waive the welfare-work requirements that were passed under the Clinton administration.

Earlier this week, the White House again delayed the employer health insurance mandate for companies with 50 to 99 employees, until January 2016.