Rep. Paul GosarPaul Anthony GosarHouse Democrat: Republicans 'treating Capitol Police like shit' were 'the most scared' during riot Gosar's brothers apologize 'on behalf of the actual sane members of our family' 14 Republicans vote against making Juneteenth a federal holiday MORE (R-Ariz.), who voted for the omnibus spending bill along with 146 other Republicans, called the measure a "crap sandwich" and said he wished it cut more.

"I have consistently said throughout my time in Washington that the American people deserve more from their government," he said. "This bill is a crap sandwich! You definitely do not want to bite into it, you cannot stand the taste, but you know you have to eat it."


He said the bill does "inch us forward towards our ultimate goal of restoring fiscal sanity." Other frustrated Republicans, 86 in all, voted against it — more Democrats voted for the bill (149) than Republicans (147).

Gosar said the GOP controls just one half of one third of the government, but is a "vocal and influential minority." 

The bill cuts government spending by more than $6 billion from FY 2011 funding levels. Combining the omnibus bill and other spending bills already passed, total discretionary funding for 2012 will be $95 billion less than 2011 levels.

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