“There will be no spiritual homeland for Christians to return back to" if that Holocaust does occur, said West in the same speech, as reported by the Palm Beach Post. "There will be no homeland for the Jewish people in the United States of America for their birthright. This is a dangerous situation and we have to take the Iranians for their word.”

In the same speech, West also warned that Israel's other hostile neighbor, Syria, could quickly turn from its current political turmoil to war against Israel.

“What happens if all of a sudden Syria doesn’t focus on fighting each other, but focus on fighting Israel?” West asked.

The regime of Syrian strongman Bashir al-Assad is using military force to crush a populist uprising in the country.

West, who is a veteran of the Iraq war, has been among the most vocal pro-Israel supporters in Congress since joining the House in 2011. Early last year he chastised President Obama for calling for a two-state solution, saying that the United States ought not to negotiate with the Palestinian Authority.

"America should never negotiate with the Palestinian Authority which has aligned itself with Hamas," said West in a release in May 2011. "Palestine is a region, not a people or a modern state."