Burton criticized Obama's visit to a New Mexico oilfield this week, where he said the United States is producing more oil now than at any time in the last eight years, that he supports drilling everywhere, and that even if the United States drilled everywhere, the country would have claim to just 2 or 3 percent of all oil reserves in the world.

"That's just not true. It's just simply not true," Burton said.


Burton cited a former Shell Oil executive who said there is more than one trillion barrels of oil locked up in U.S. territory that is not counted by Obama. He also said that drilling on private land has increased, but oil production on federal lands has fallen.

"So when the President goes on these trips around the country to make statements to the American people about the great things they're doing for energy production in this country, he should get his facts correct," Burton said.

"Either he's misleading us intentionally, or somebody's giving him the wrong information," he added. "But we have an abundance of energy in this country that's not being tapped."

After he spoke, Burton was warned to "refrain from engaging in personalities" with the president.

Burton was one of the final speakers on the floor Thursday afternoon before the House adjourned. The House is out Friday, and returns Monday.