Ros-Lehtinen started by saying Rousseff failed to condemn Cuba's human-rights abuses while visiting Cuba. She argued that Brazil needs to apply pressure on this issue as a signatory to the Inter-American Democratic Charter.

The letter also notes that when Rousseff spoke at the United Nations, she indicated support for a Palestinian state before peace is negotiated with Israel.


"This policy would undermine opportunities for peace and security between Israel and the Palestinians, and would reward the Palestinian leadership's rejectionism and failure to meet its international obligations," Ros-Lehtinen wrote.

Regarding Syria, Ros-Lehtinen noted that Brazil abstained from a U.N. vote on a resolution condeming Syria. Ros-Lehtinen also said Brazil must do more to encourage Iran to abandon its nuclear program, by helping to shut off access to funding for Iran.

"In order to protect our national security, we should encourage the Brazilian government to do more to counter violent Islamist extremists from fundraising in the Tri-Border Area," she wrote, referencing the border regions between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil.