Ros-Lehtinen's comments came on the same day Guillen apologized for saying, "I love Fidel Castro" and that he admired Castro for remaining in power for so long. Guillen, a Venezuelan who has also said he supports Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, was forced to retreat from his Castro comments as Cuban-Americans in and around Miami immediately threatened to boycott the Marlins.


Guillen has said his comments were misinterpreted as he was speaking Spanish, and that admires Castro's longevity, not his political philosophy. Still, his comments are especially sensitive from a marketing standpoint given that the Marlins just recently rebranded themselves from the Florida Marlins to the Miami Marlins, and play in a new park in Little Havana, Miami.

There is still intense pressure on the Marlins to fire Guillen, and there is already speculation that his tenure there is doomed. But for now, the team decided on a five-game suspension. Guillen, who managed the Chicago White Sox until last year, is expected to rejoin his new team next week.

Ros-Lehtinen said Guillen's comments showed a "complete disregard for the horrific suffering inflicted upon Cubans by the Castro regime."

"There is nothing to respect about this evil dictatorship," she said. "People are free to express their opinions but they should at least have some awareness about the impact of their reckless statements.

"Expressing respect for Fidel Castro is idiotic, insensitive and hateful," she added.