Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) on Tuesday said the U.S. embargo against Cuba is outdated.

The United Nations General Assembly voted Tuesday — for the 23rd time — to condemn the U.S. economic embargo against Cuba. Out of 193 nations, 188 voted for the resolution slamming the U.S. restrictions.


McGovern urged the Obama administration to ease the Cuba embargo after 53 years. The Massachusetts Democrat argued undoing the restrictions would advance U.S. priorities.

"It is past time for the Obama administration to take concrete steps to ease restrictions against Cuba, reestablish diplomatic relations, and initiate a mutually-beneficial dialogue to end the conflict between our nations," McGovern said. "Better relations would allow the United States to more effectively raise concerns about human rights on the island." 

McGovern further argued that the embargo only exacerbated U.S.-Cuba tensions and failed to take down the Castro regime.

"The 53-year-old economic embargo has not worked. It has not overturned the Cuban government," McGovern said. "The Cold War is over. It’s time to change.”