Gohmert uses visual of crucifixions of House floor

Rep. Louie GohmertLouis (Louie) Buller GohmertHouse passes bill to end crack and powder cocaine sentencing disparity Republicans keep distance from 'Justice for J6' rally Security forces under pressure to prevent repeat of Jan. 6 MORE (R-Texas) on Friday used posters of crucifixions to highlight a floor speech about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

Gohmert accused the U.S. of not intervening enough in the Middle East to protect Christians.


"It breaks my heart, grieves me deeply when innocent Muslims are maltreated, killed, tortured. It is a grievous violation of human rights. But in the same way, the things that have been done and are growing and spreading in numbers never before seen in human history of Christians being persecuted around the world, as America basically remains silent," Gohmert said.

The Texas Republican acknowledged that most Muslims don't support radical Islam.

"I thank God that the massive majority of Muslims, including some of my Muslim friends in the northern alliance in Afghanistan, they don't want radical Islamists controlling anything. They don't want to be at war with Americans. They don't want to kill Americans. Thank God for that," Gohmert.

But Gohmert warned that Nov. 14 was the 100th anniversary for "religiously fueled" genocide against Christian Armenians and Syrians. 

"It is sheer lunacy not to recognize how important anniversaries are to radical Islamists, to the Muslim brotherhood, to those who would kill and persecute and wipe out Jews and as they say, wipe the great Satan America off the map and the little Satan Israel off the map," Gohmert said.