The House will vote next week on a bill that would eliminate government benefits for suspected Nazi war criminals.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's (R-Calif.) office released a schedule Wednesday outlining next week's floor agenda that showed the bill, H.R. 5739, will be considered under a fast-track procedure, indicating that it will pass easily.


The legislation is slated for a vote on Tuesday.

The measure comes in light of an Associated Press report in October that dozens of suspected Nazi war criminals forced to leave the U.S. collected millions of dollars in Social Security benefits.

According to the AP report, the Justice Department pressured Nazi war crime suspects to leave the U.S. faster by doing so voluntarily and avoiding the lengthy deportation process. But that route allowed the Nazi suspects to still receive federal benefit payments.

Bipartisan calls for a legislative fix immediately followed the report, which came during the pre-election congressional recess.

"Congress never intended for participants in Nazi persecution to be allowed to enter the United States or to reap the benefits of United States residency or citizenship, including participation in the nation's Social Security program," the bill's Findings section reads.