Gohmert, an outspoken proponent of a smaller government and reduced spending, reiterated his argument from Tuesday that the inaccurate scoring of legislation is only adding to the problem of rising deficits and debt.


He also talked about tax policy, and argued that a flat tax more than any other system would help ensure that the wealthy pay as much as the middle class. But he said Democrats have failed to propose this system.

"You talk about wanting Warren Buffett to pay what his secretary does, and yet you haven't made one proposal that would bring Warren Buffett to paying what his secretary does," he said. "That's crazy.

"That's why we shouldn't eliminate the word lunatic. It really has application around this town."

Earlier in the day, the House approved S. 2367, which takes "lunatic" off the books. The bill had already been passed by the Senate, so it goes to the White House for President Obama's signature.