Poe called 2013 the "summer of surveillance," in the wake of reports of Justice Department spying on reporters and the NSA spying on Americans.


"Thursday we learned about another secret government program called PRISM, that allows the NSA to search photos, emails and documents from computers at Apple, Google and Microsoft, among many other Internet sources," he said. "The American people have lost trust in this government."

While many have suggested that the NSA surveillance program is legal, Poe rejected that, saying nothing in the Patriot Act can be seen to allow such a broad program.

"I see no way that the National Surveillance Agency could be lawfully conducting such a widespread, intrusive fishing expedition based on the Patriot Act or FISA," he said. "What the Patriot Act does not allow is the widespread, warrantless invasions of privacy where the government blindly snoops around looking for some mischief."