Among the Republican proposals is language requiring the administration to provide evidence that suspects are terrorists before detaining them, and requiring an annual report on who is still being detained and why.


Other proposals would prohibit the use of drones against U.S. citizens, create mandatory minimum sentences for sex-related offenses by the military, and require the administration to discuss any agreement with Russia on missile defense.

Democratic amendments would also seek to tighten penalties against sex offenders, close detention facilities in Guantánamo Bay and prevent the Department of Defense from spending money to sponsor wrestling or motor sports events.

The number of amendments will make for a very long day that could stretch late into the night. Members will approve the amendment rule in the mid-afternoon, and then start working through amendments immediately after.

The Senate is also dealing with amendments today, but to the bipartisan immigration bill, S. 744. Unlike the House, the Senate will hold votes as agreements are reached on smaller groups of amendments.

As of late Wednesday, the Senate had not secured an agreement to hold any votes on Thursday, although it's possible that senators will announce some agreement today.