On the House floor Tuesday, Fleming called Weinstein an "enemy of religious freedom," and said his recent remarks show he is anti-Christian.


"Last week in a rant, Weinstein referred to Christians as 'bigoted slimeballs, homophobes, Islamaphobes and carpetbaggers for Christ who spout twisted Christian jihad poison and who committed spiritual rape and are faith-based racists,' " Fleming said.

Fleming added that Weinstein has significant influence over Defense Department policy, and met with Hagel in April. In May, Fleming called on Hagel to describe what happened in the meeting, and said he's worried it could result in policies that "might infringe on the freedom of all of our Armed Forces to live out their religious beliefs without fear of punishment."

"I now officially and publicly call upon DOD to stop following Weinstein's anti-First Amendment orders and return him to the status of an ordinary citizen, where he belongs," Fleming concluded Tuesday night.