GOP lawmaker blasts Washington Post ‘fake news hit piece’

Greg Nash

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) took to the House floor on Tuesday to dismiss a Washington Post fact check about his claims of voter fraud as a “fake news hit piece.”

Leaked tapes from the GOP retreat in Philadelphia last month that were given to the Post revealed Brooks discussing voter fraud with Vice President Mike Pence.

“In my first election in 1982, Democrats rigged about 25 percent of the voting machines to vote for everyone on the ballot but me. That’s 11 of 45 machines. The whole state was Democrat. Nothing was done to fix it,” Brooks said during the private discussion.

{mosads}The Post conducted a fact check of Brooks’s claims, but could not find any evidence to substantiate the charges. Brooks’s office gave the Post newspaper clippings showing there were complaints about malfunctioning voting machines and that the lawmaker had announced he would challenge the election results.

Brooks ultimately decided not to contest the results after winning. The county requested the FBI investigate voting irregularities in the district, but the Post found no evidence any probe was conducted. Brooks’s office did not supply the Post with more evidence.

The Post awarded Brooks its maximum of four Pinocchios, reserved for what it considers “whoppers.”

Brooks didn’t offer any additional evidence during his House floor speech on Tuesday. But he maintained the 11 machines failing to register votes for him statistically suggested some intentional foul play.

“I proudly wear the Washington Post’s Four Pinocchios like a red badge of courage,” Brooks declared.

Alabama at the time was dominated by Democrats who, Brooks claimed, wanted to undermine him. He said that before the Election Day voting machine incidents, the Democratic Alabama secretary of state tried to remove him from the ballot because his paperwork was allegedly not in their files. The secretary of state later backed off, according to Brooks.

Brooks then questioned the Post’s motive in fact-checking his claims of voter fraud.

“Why would the Washington Post even bother to write about an election they know nothing about that happened over 34 years ago?” Brooks asked.

“The answer: Partisan paranoia. The Democrats and their media allies like the Washington Post are so paranoid and angry about President Trump’s election that they are shrilly lying and lashing out against anybody, anytime regardless of truth.”

“The Washington Post: Fake news. Sad!”

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