Those numbers don't represent poll results but reflect the thoughts of anyone who has made up their mind on the issue and shared it with the site.


According to POPVOX CEO Marci Harris, the site plans to set up a similar page for different versions of the resolution considered by the House and Senate.

C-SPAN has set up its own informal survey on Facebook that allows viewers to register their opinions. As of Wednesday morning, that page had 1,500 comments. While there was no final breakdown of people for and against military action, most comments clearly opposed military action.

"[Y]ou don't fight because somebody threatens you," read one comment. "You fight because somebody attacks you. We are not under attack."

Many others simply read, "No," while a smaller portion of the comments supported military action, and some of these said their support was conditioned on limited U.S. actions.

These results from POPVOX and C-SPAN are a bit more skewed against military action than formal polls that have been taken over the last few days. On Tuesday, for example, a Washington Post/ABC News poll said nearly 60 percent of people are opposed to military action, and a Pew Research Center poll found that 48 percent of people oppose action, and 29 percent are in favor.

But these self-selected results match what some members of Congress say they are hearing as they ask for input. Rep. Justin AmashJustin AmashTrump allies assail impeachment on process while House Democrats promise open hearings soon Hoyer: We are going to move as fast 'as the facts and truth dictate' on open hearings Conway spars with Wallace on whether White House will cooperate with impeachment inquiry after formal vote MORE (R-Mich.), for example, said he has been hearing overwhelming opposition to attacking Syria during meetings in Michigan.

According to The Hill's whip list, just 17 House members support or are leaning toward supporting a military strike.

On the other side, 56 are known to oppose action or are leaning no, while dozens of others are either undecided or have not yet made their position clear.