"The Congress must also pass critical pieces of legislation such as the Farm Bill and Fiscal Year 2014 Appropriations before September 30," he added. "Instead of recessing yet again, the House should remain at work and continue to work to resolve the challenges that lie ahead."


Braley also pressed BoehnerJohn Andrew BoehnerFrom learning on his feet to policy director Is Congress retrievable? Boehner reveals portrait done by George W. Bush MORE in July to keep the House in session through August until it completes work on a farm bill — that request went unheeded by GOP leaders.

As of today, the House plans to be in for the next two  weeks, but then leave for recess the week of September 23. House GOP leaders last week indicated that a vote on Syria could take place next week, after the Senate is expected to consider a Syria resolution.

Braley said in a prepared statement that members don't need another week back home in their districts given that Congress just had five weeks off.

"Instead of returning home, the U.S. House should be focused on the President's request to authorize military force in Syria, passing a five-year renewal of the Farm Bill, and passing budget bills that keep the federal government working," he said.

The House this week is expected to pass a short-term continuing resolution to fund the government for a few months. Leaders are hopeful that passage of this resolution gives Congress enough time to deal with the debt ceiling this fall, without having to worry about an imminent government shutdown.