House Republicans on Saturday afternoon released a copy of their "Pay Our Military Act," which the House is expected to pass sometime this weekend.

The bill, H.R. 3210, would appropriate funds to pay the military at any time in 2014 when appropriations are not in effect, such as a government shutdown. It also allows the government to keep paying civilian personnel and contractors that the Defense Department deems to be helping the military.

Republicans are hoping to pass this bill, along with an amended short-term spending bill, this weekend. The spending bill would delay ObamaCare for a year and eliminate the medical device tax.


The decision to push for these changes to the Senate-passed bill is seen by Democrats as raising the risk of a government shutdown after September 30, since Senate Democrats have said they will not consider any additional legislation on 2014 spending.

However, Republicans said today that the Senate has an obligation to continue working on legislation.