GOP chairman: Climate change alarmists want to ‘control people’s lives’

Greg Nash

The chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee said Wednesday that people raising red flags about climate change have ulterior motives beyond wanting to protect the environment.

“Climate change alarmists always predict cataclysmic events that will inevitably occur when the world’s temperature rises by more than two degrees Celsius,” Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) said in a House floor speech.

“But all the howling and gnashing of teeth signifies nothing. It is all posturing for their own purposes, including a desire to control people’s lives or get another government grant or an academic promotion.”

{mosads}Smith has served as Science chairman since 2013 and has long rejected the scientific consensus that humans are causing of global warming. 

He authored legislation that passed the House last week to prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from using scientific studies or data that aren’t publicly available to justify new regulations.

Smith maintains that nothing outlined by the Paris climate agreement, legislation in Congress or any Obama administration regulation would significantly reduce climate change.

“So the next time you hear or read about some imminent calamity due to climate change, remember it’s just all words and no action. The real solution isn’t more ineffective and costly regulations; it’s innovative technology that will make all forms of energy cleaner and less expensive.” 

Back in January, Smith took to the House floor to dismiss a New York Times column linking climate change to the plight of starving children in Africa as “fake news.”

“This may be a new high, or maybe a new low, for climate alarmists and their exaggerations,” Smith said at the time.


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