The resolution from Rep. Sheila Jackson LeeSheila Jackson LeeGOP senator says wife received video of beheading after Kavanaugh vote Former Dem aide makes first court appearance on charges of posting GOP senators' info online Ex-House intern charged with 'doxing' GOP senators during Kavanaugh hearing MORE (D-Texas), H.Res. 375, finds that government shutdowns have "lasting consequences on the economy, on people, and on workers." It also finds that trying to attach nongermane issues to key spending bills "negatively impacts the ability to reach agreement and hurts the American economy.


It concludes by saying it's the sense of the House that "Congress should refrain from conditioning the resolution of fiscal and budgetary disputes on the taking of action relating to non-germane legislative matters, including the repeal or modification of a duly enacted law."

Even if it were passed, the resolution would be nonbinding. But on the House floor Thursday, Jackson Lee said it "makes a statement that this House will never — I want to say it again, never — I want to say it again, never — tie a nongermane legislative issue to the running and opening of this government."

"What does that mean? We will never do what we have done, which is to defund a law approved by both Houses of Congress, the president of the United States, and the United States Supreme Court — the Affordable Care Act — and hold up the government while we are fighting against it because we don't like it."

Her resolution is sponsored by 14 House Democrats, including several members of the Congressional Black Caucus.