The vote occurred after a brief debate in which House Democrats again complained that the bill fund just some Native American programs, but not all of them. Democrats also said Republicans should allow a vote on the Senate continuing resolution — dozens of Democrats made the same point on Saturday, which prompted Republicans to delay the vote until today.


This could be one of the last narrow spending bills approved by the House. Senate leaders made progress toward an agreement that would allow the government to continue borrowing money through February, and re-open the government until mid-January.

It would also set up a budget conference that would find some replacement for the sequester cuts and set up a broader budget plan.

But the agreement would not delay the medical device tax — that omission, and uncertainty over what it means for spending, could make it difficult to pass in the GOP-controlled House. As of late Monday, GOP leaders said they were waiting to see the text of the agreement before commenting on it.

Just after today's vote, the House approved H.R. 3190, the United States Parole Commission Extension Act, which extends the commission by five years. Members approved this bill by unanimous consent.