Congress to waive three-day rule on omnibus
© Greg Nash

A rule requiring that legislation be posted for at least three calendar days before being considered on the House floor won’t apply to the must-pass $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill.

Republicans are waiving that rule so that the package can be voted on the same day it is released.


“Our focus is on keeping the government open and delivering on important policies for the American people,” a GOP aide on the House Rules Committee told The Hill in a statement Wednesday. “While the 3-day rule doesn’t apply in this scenario, we do want the deal to be public as long as possible before we vote. We are up against a deadline and we will need have to act accordingly.”

House GOP leaders aim to hold a House vote on the spending package Thursday, which could allow for a Senate vote on Friday — just in time to prevent another government shutdown.

The legislation is likely to be made public on Wednesday.